Fees are based on the forms that are used in preparing your Income Tax return.

The following is a summary of fees for the most used forms. Additional fees apply for other forms that may be used to prepare your tax return.

Preparation of your Federal, Michigan and one city $100
Earned Income Credit (EIC) $60
Child Tax Credit $35
Additional Child Tax Credit $35
Itemizing (Schedule A) $35
Child Care Credit $25
Schedule C $60 (minimum)
Rental Property $40 (minimum)
Stock trades (per trade) $10
Interest/Dividend report $20

Michigan Forms

Rent/Property Tax Credit $60
Home Heating Credit $15

There are two options for paying your tax preparation fees.

1. We have the ability to take our fees out of your federal or state refund. To do this, we must go through a bank that charges a fee (including their processing company) of $145, in addition to our preparation fee. Your refund goes to the bank, they collect our fees and their costs, then send the remainder to you. You can receive the remainder as a direct deposit to your bank/credit union account, a bank debit card or Xat Tax can print a check for you.

2. You can save money by paying the preparation fees at the time of preparation using cash, check, credit or debit card and choose, at no additional charge, where you want your refund to go.


$92.00 (2014)
$191.00 (2014)
$147.00 (2014)
$208.00 (2011)

refuses to update

NATIONAL AVERAGE $273.00 (2014)


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